[Name] ROND & Custom Hard Case iPhone11ProMax
[Name] ROND & Custom Hard Case iPhone11ProMax
[Name] ROND & Custom Hard Case iPhone11ProMax
[Name] ROND & Custom Hard Case iPhone11ProMax

[Name] ROND & Custom Hard Case iPhone11ProMax

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Only "Hard Case Series B" can print up to 3 characters including dots (.) and up to 2 alphabets.

Please be sure to check the details of the name engraving here before ordering.

Also, since the actual printing is done by hand, it may look different from the actual product.
Please use it as a simulation.

*Shipping costs vary depending on the area in which you live.
For details, please check the "Confirmation of your order" screen.

Rondo, which means "circle" in French, is the ultimate minimal wallet proposed by Demiurubo.
The material is French cow leather, which is synonymous with Demiurubo.
When you open the L-shaped zip, there is a coin space in the middle, and the gusset is wide for both visibility and convenience.
Both ends of the coin space have pockets where you can put cards and receipts.
Bills can be securely stored in three or four folds.
It can be attached to a custom hard case sold separately,
You can carry your smartphone and wallet as a set according to the scene.
The zip can be opened even when it is attached, so it can be used without removing it.
Please use it as a single unit or as a set with a custom hard case.
The simple design makes it suitable for men and women of all ages. It is most suitable for a present.

<Custom hard case>
Leather hard case full of luxury using French leather.
Cards can be inserted from the side,
The size is designed so that it will not fall off even if you hang it with a strap.
You can put one normal credit card and two thin cards.
In addition, ROND and TROIS (sold separately) can be attached to this custom hard case, making it a versatile case that can be used alone or as a set.

*MagSafe cannot be used.
*Strap sold separately.

Metal fittings: Nickel

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